What Leads to Hair Loss

Hair loss is considered to be one of the most common problems together with dandruff. There are a number of factors that may lead to severe hair loss.

1. Poor health can lead to massive hair loss because of multiple factors. Also, extreme poor health condition such as people going through chemotherapy might also lead to hair loss. Medication can also be linked to hair loss as usually these medications have side effects.

2. Hair and your endocrine system. Examples of endocrine systems are your adrenal, organs, thyroid, pancreas, and thymus that control the task of your body’s health by releasing hormones. One of such hormone that influences hair loss and hair growth is testosterone. Testosterone is on the other hand linked to DHT that affects hair growth by disturbing your hair’s follicle and destroying it. Nevertheless when your endocrine failed to control this hormone, this would lead to hair loss.

3. Diet and hair loss. The food that you consume gives your body the resources as a building block for your hormones. If you diet and don’t consume food the right food, it would also lead to hair loss.

4. Stress is the number one factor when it comes to hair loss. Usually people who are exposed to stress would have higher amount of hair loss compared to those that control it well.